Bolivia is a pleasant surprise for everyone visiting it and sometimes even for the same Bolivians traveling through the country. Its vibrant culture reflects a rich millenary heritage, which is structured now as an extraordinary and heterogeneous society. Bolivia has kept the magic of the past, combined with the necessary comfort of modern times.

La Paz, the Government seat of Bolivia and its surroundings can transport you to a mysterious past where any corner, any street, is a hidden treasure where adventure begins with all their traditions and magic rites on its streets.

Lake Titicaca –one of the wonders of Bolivia- emerges from blue sapphire waters, surrounded by the Royal Range of the Andes; the “Sacred Lake of the Incas” is one of the most important life sources of the Andes. The Bolivian side is a promise to the future and a joy for everybody who explores its sacred waters and the mythical Sun & Moon Islands.

Tiwanaku (1580BC–1050 AD) are the magnificent ruins of Bolivia and the cradle of the American civilization. The Sun Gate, the Temple of Kalasasaya and the Pyramid of Akapana are the sample of a glorious past.

The other impressive wonder of Bolivia is the otherworldly “Uyuni Salt Flats”, -the largest on Earth- comprising miles and miles of dazzling white nothingness and the Eduardo Avaroa National Park. Active volcanoes, hot springs and a palette of colour-splashed lakes populated by hardy flamingos punctuate these landscapes of blindingly bright salt plains and stunning deserts…

With impressive landscapes as de Andes, the Amazon region and the amazing high plateau with all its beauty; motion and colours; a pristine environment, kind people, healthy, fresh and delicious cuisine, Bolivia is a rainbow of cultures and ethnical groups ,Cosmo- Visions and identity.

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