Chile's scenic variety and stunning beauty rank among the finest in Latin America. Within this long, slender country alongside the Pacific can be found the mighty Andes mountain range with volcanoes and glacier-capped peaks, the driest desert in the world, incredibly beautiful, remote fjords as well as great waves for surfing, dense pristine rainforests, powerful rivers and sparkling crystal-blue lakes.

The bustling, modern city of Santiago - overflowing with museums, music, restaurants, and so many other sights and activities - will give a great first impression. There’s also plenty to do just outside the city: spend an afternoon touring famous wineries, or add a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage coastal town of Valparaíso.

For some of the country's most pristine beauty, head south to the Lake District towns of Pucón and Puerto Varas and wander the magical landscape of lakes and volcanoes, or go farther still to Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia – the southern end of the world. Throughout this part of Chile, adventure travellers will discover world-class whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding, trekking, and mountain climbing all within easy reach.

Up north lies the spellbinding Atacama, home to the driest desert on earth, shooting geysers, vast salt flats, exquisite landscapes, the clearest starry skies and remarkable archaeological sites.

Easter Island, this mystic place far out in the Pacific, is a special treat for history and archaeology buffs – and nothing can surpass the isolated, remote feeling you'll have as you land on Rapa Nui.

Chile, a very special travel destination – a land of contrasts, with endless scenic diversity. Prepare to be inspired!

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